Sunday, January 16, 2011

GUYS,THIS IS FOR YOU....thank me later!!!

I like aprocco and it hasn't gotten me into trouble so far cus I'm good at it! Ring me for tips (i like American English)m
I was in a taxi to school this morning (that's cus my car didn't kick****yimu****),seated between two guys(the type u call wannabes) and i heard d one in nerd glasses say to the other 'girl yen',he said pointing to the other side of the road 'i don straff am before'! Before i knew what was happenin,my head automatically turned to the side and i saw the 'jenifa-like' looking girl! Yours truly didn't forget to give the boy a you-are-a-very-silly-boy look!

Guys,guys,guys,how many times did i call u? This post is not to attack u but help u understand somethings and its all because i love you (**double yimu**). Below are the simple rules-

RULE 1- Except the girl was dead or unconscious, you shall NEVER say 'i slept with that girl' or the deriviatives! I shall now proceed to explain. When two people have coitus,i strongly believe the following happens and i shall include some reasons-
-Both of u get naked...or atleast ur bomboms gets naked in the case of quickie.
-Guys no longer do all the work! Guys did all the work in the days of our parents when the only sex style was missionary and sex was boring! Not that i know of the various new styles present now,but i think (emphasis on 'think') there are styles where the girl does the 'grinding' too eg that style where the girl sits ontop of the guy...YES!!!!!
-Both of u make funny noises...i'ld have loved to use moan but let's face it,most of us don't moan(dictionary meaning-a long,LOW sound),we shout wen d thing has caught us! If ur sleepin with a girl that doesn't at least make a sound,check if she's dead or unconscious,if not,pls kindly visit one of these shops that sell herbal enlargement for ****s! Don't look at me like dat,its just an advice!
-Both of u exchange body fluids including sweat...especially if d venue is a place like my area where we've not had light for the past 4 months! Even if ur AC is on,there are some fluids that are not easily absorbed by air...*wink*
-You cum, she cums! To every rule,there's an exception<-----if you're happy because of this statement,SHAME ON U!!! I strongly advice u to watch kamasutra! If a girl doesn't cum,its d guy's fault and vice versa.
Something in my head keeps screaming 'head',whatever that means,I'll get back to you!
With all the reasons given above,you DID NOT sleep with the girl rather you slept with each other! If you can draw her boobs and ass, chances are she can draw your d!ck 4 times better...especially if it is infinitessimal!
I'm typing on my bb and its not sexy at al, will get back to u guys about the other rules later!
P.S- the write-up is just a silly imagination of the writer....

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