Sunday, January 30, 2011

mummy! oh mummy!!!!!!

Here I am writing my post under the razzest tent ever invented,surrounded by annoying 'relatives'. My jaw hurts from all the fake smiles I've been sharing, and all I can think of is Mummy,Why????

Its hard schooling in Osogbo,but being forced to attend a burial ceremony where everybody present there uses Ayu or Lux bathing soap is just unfair! Damn it! I'm gonna lose it if anybody else calls me 'iyawo wa' or even tries to touch me! I'm sad!

I'm in a pair of jeans,one very big T-shirt and slippers and guess what? I still stole the 'show' when I walked in!

So,on Thursday,Mum called to tell me she was coming to pay me a visit in school. I was in Lagos! (Doing parole ofcourse!). Before i knew what i was saying,i had asked her why and i regretted it immediately. She just said 'ori e fo,she mi o le pay visit without reason ni?. Though i had the plan of returning to school the following day,i didn't envisage leaving as early as 7am,only to get back to school and mum called to tell me she couldn't make it again! I swore! She later called me and said she was coming on Saturday!

Ever since Dad visited me last year,Mum has been feeling short of her roles. She always complains to me how she should have come to say hi to me in school,bla bla bla. The expression on my face each time she tells me is 'ehyah,u didn't come to visit your first daughter and she's spent 5 years in school' but what's in my mind is 'whatever jare Mummy, don't come because there's nothing you are coming to do'.

Its not like Mummy has wahala o. In fact, she's the least wahala-istic person! She doesnt eat fatty food so she just takes boiled yam,boiled palntain and all dem boiled. Unlike Dad who will eat whatever (he ate big smoked fish with amala when he came to visit and just stayed for 3 hours;he slept for 2 hours out of those!). The thing with mum is she ALWAYS complains I'm thin! She says my neck bone looks like d type local dogs eat! I care less (as usual!). Still with my 'uncare', i went to the market,bought soup ingredients and made soup,okro and stuffs so that she won't say its because i don't cook dat I'm thin( the whole idea is to make it look like I'm slim(not thin)because its in my gene). She tasted my stew and said it had too much maggi. For that, i received 30minutes of lecture on how a medical student doesn't know the effect of too much maggi! She later looked up and saw just one cobweb o,she just went to d kitchen,took d broom and removed it for me and came to show me 'how much' cobweb is in my room. I was frustrated because i had cleaned the room the day before because of this! She forced me to cook beans and eat it with milk because,according to her,i was looking pale! And to think she had not spent 4 hours and she's sleeping over!

After we rested (she fed me gists about all those boring coworkers and i had to act amused),she forced me to come to this amala and ewedu parry,where the bottled water served is Jogbo WaterS!! She warned me not to tell anybody I'm a medical student there because we don't know who wants to harm us!

Before I go (she's complaining I'm pressing my phone too much), she saw me wave at some guy in my class drinking beer and I still haven't heard the end of it! Mummy, oh mummy, i love you but when are you going back to your husband's house?? Let it be soon,plssssss!
Yours' sincerely,your very tired and sleepy daughter!

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