Saturday, December 25, 2010

A brief introduction of me!

Hey everyone! Merry xmas(pronounce it christmas pls!).Today is a saturday and christmas! I see evidences of the former but not the latter. I stopped feeling christmas since i realised some years back when my parents' friends stopped giving me money after eating the food I cooked (emphasis on I). I remember one of them that came impromptu and i had to sacrifice my food for him and when he was leaving he called my two younger sisters and handed them 50 naira each. He later came over to me and patted my back saying 'Deola Deola....iwo ti di big girl abi? I swear i didnt smile but i poured water in his shoes! Till today, everybody in my house still thinks my dog did it!
Ok, that story is just by the way. One of my friends suggested i introduce myself and tell people that are going to be reading my blog about me....*drum roll please*. i have a line for y'all I'M HOT and i proudly say that! Before you close this page out of envy, that was just a silly joke (tongue out)! Well, i'm a 5'8', dark and slim girl(i think i;m actually 5'7' but when i see people that are 5'7', they look short and i know i'm taller than them. Call it psyche or whatever, that one inch makes me happy).I am atalkative! Yes, i talk....very well but not a lot! I dont talk to anybody though, we gotta be almost at the same frequency; u shall neither be too intelligent(cus then you're intimidating)  or too dumb (i dont have to explain that,do i?. If you think i have to, then,refer to the latter part of my sentence). I am a medical student but i dont plan to work as a medical doctor (shoot me, kill me, criticise me...i have heard and seen all). I have a lot of things i want to do and i tell people "i didnt choose medicine, medicine chose me". I didnt know i would get more than the cut-off when i filled it in my JAMB form but whatever, i have just a few years left. Lately, i have been keeping more to myself and even go to the extent of lieing to my friends i'm not home most times. Before u judge me and call me a liar,its because i like my freedom. The gists are always interesting when they come along but after the gists is when they will start changing the TV station or whatever movie you are watching, you have to cook for them and listen to some of them bitch about their 'best friends' or whine about their lives(like i'm a shrink or i dont have my problems too) gets tiring for me. I have one best friend though and we're so close people call us lesbians (i'm straighter than the shortest distance between two points!). I am humorous, ilike tall guys, i am sarcastic and my anger doesnt last for more than five minutes (except its about MTN or glo)! I think thats all about me. I'm feisty...i don try abeg!
My next post is about my new neighbour an things....wash out!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. hehehe! i agree with the friends part 100%. i dont have to cook but most of my friends think i'm awkward becos i cant make small talk. i prefer something i like to call companionable silence, which most pple dont know about...

    Nice Article!