Friday, December 24, 2010

first post......... again!!!!!!!!!!!

ok! i'm very angry now. oops! where are my manners? HI EVERYONE! welcome to my blog! ok back to my issue-i'm very angry cus this is supposed to be my second blog. i opened a blog initially which i named fromferlens but for one reason or the other,these people closed down my blog...and to even think i posted something very interesting there(i;m serious o)! anyways i just created this one and i hope these dinkus will not close it down!i gotta calm down now (breathe in, breathe out)!!!!!!
ok,peeps! a brief introduction of this blog...its purely gonna be a low down of what is on my mind and my opinion about stuffs that are happening to and around me!i;m open to other views and opinions though, its really whats gon keep this blog cool and interesting.
i gotta go before i bore you but i promise you shall all hear from me cus many things have happened to me in this life o! y;all gotta read my subsequent posts about real life experiences from a young lady's view....i cant believe i'm starting to talk too much again! i gotta really go Martin Luther King's voice i say "ok,bye and God bless y'all"

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